WHAT’S IN IT FOR AFRICA is a media outfit dedicated to EU-Africa current affairs issues.  We spend our time communicating, debating and analysing EU-Africa current affairs issues which are shaping the political and economic landscape between these two continents. Providing the following services:

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WHAT’S IN IT FOR AFRICA is passionate about informing, educating and critically analysing the EU-Africa current affairs landscape through our communication activities, in the online television, media and blogging space. Find out more about what we do here…


Click on the photo below for our most recent interview with the African Union Ambassador to the EU, Ajay Bramdeo. He talks to us about Morocco’s return to the AU and its control of Western Sahara, African Leadership, Migration and Neocolonialism in the EU-Africa relationship. 

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We welcome sponsorship from media, think tanks, commercial enterprises and academic institutions working in Europe and Africa. For more information on lending your support through sponsorship of What’s in it for Africa or becoming a member, get in touch with us at infowiifa@gmail.com for more details.

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