Media Appearances


What’s in it for Africa Presenter, Uzo Madu pens an article for African Business Magazine questioning the true extent of the new trading opportunities presented by Brexit. Read in full here.


DIRE EU – 23 June 2016

An interview on the African implications of a Brexit.

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Deutsche Welle – 19 June 2016

An interview on the UK referendum on whether to stay in the EU and its potential impact on Africa.


Newsday on BBC World Service – 14 June 2016

Discussing the similarities and differences between the European Union and the African Union on the BBC World Service. Tune into the whole show here: and listen at 0:35 for the short exchange between myself and ex-BBC Correspondent Martin Plaut and moderated by BBC’s Nuala McGovern.



POLITICO Morning Exchange 17 May 2016


POLITICOPlaybook 17 May 2016


BEN Television Breakfast Show – 29 March 2016

The BEN Television Breakfast Show team welcomed Uzo Madu onto the show to discuss the African implications of the EU Aviation Strategy.

ARISE NEWS Global Business Report – 28 March 2016

Arise News Global Business Report with David Glencorse welcomes What’s in it for Africa’s, Uzo Madu to discuss the business perspective on the African implications of Brexit and the EU Anti-Tax Avoidance measures. As well as the political realities of Africa as a new frontier in the EU-Africa context.

Watch the arise news global business report from 14:00 (GMT) on channel 570 or Channel 519 on Sky and Freeview Channel 136.

ARISE NEWS Now – 28 March 2016

Arise News Now with Charles Aniagolu questions What’s in it for Africa’s Uzo Madu about Brexit and EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Measures.

Watch Arise news Now from 17:00 (GMT) on channel 570 or Channel 519 on Sky and Freeview Channel 136.


CNBC Africa – 12 November 2015

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The European Union, United States and seven other World Trade Organisation member states have raised concerns about curbs on access to foreign currency implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria in June. Uzo Madu, EU Public Affairs Specialist joins CNBC Africa to discuss this development. (Link here or click the photo to view the video).