WHAT’S IN IT FOR AFRICA tackles the big EU-Africa current affairs issues by talking directly to the policy influencers, from the heart of the EU, in Brussels, Belgium.




April, 2017 – African Union (AU) Ambassador to the EU, Ajay Bramdeo. Speaking to the man at the centre of EU-Africa current affairs about Morocco’s return to the AU and its control of Western Sahara; African Leadership; Migration and Neocolonialism. 

March, 2017 – Eduardo Datcha Ribeiro, Editor at Voxafrica TV.  We explore the Future of Europe, Migration and the upcoming French Presidential Elections with a view to understanding the implications for African countries with Eduardo.

January, 2017 – Zama Nkosi, EU Trade Policy Consultant.  The African continent still only accounts for approx. 1.5% of global manufacturing output. And even though Sub-Saharan Africa is home to a significant share of the world’s mineral reserves, it still trades away the bulk of them unprocessed, most notably to one of its leading trade partners, the EU. To unravel the role of the EU in Africa’s path towards an industrial revolution we spoke to EU trade policy consultant, Zama Nkosi. 

November, 2016 – Eric Alira, Former Polish Regional Deputy of Lower Silesia and Political Advisor in the European Parliament. Alira sits down with What’s in it for Africa Presenter, Uzo Madu to discuss Migration and Polish-Africa relations.

October, 2016 – Dimeji Bankole, Former Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives on Nigerian Politics, Brexit and the Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and West Africa.


July, 2016 – Special Episode: Ambassador’s Talk. Ethiopian Ambassador, Teshome Toga talks to What’s in it for Africa about the African economy, EU-Ethiopia and EU-Africa relations, Trade and Migration.

June, 2016 – The EU on Anti -Tax Avoidance. We delve into the EU’s recent assault on corporate tax avoidance in this programme and sit down with Tax activists Henry Ushie (Oxfam, Nigeria); Geoffrey Chongo (JCTR, Zambia); Ene Agbo (Activista Network, Nigeria) and Stella Agara (Activista Network, Kenya & Malawi).  Also read the blog post here.

May, 2016 – Brexit: What’s in it for Africa . We focus on the African implications of a Brexit, focusing on the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and its consequent impact on African farmers, the likelihood of increased trade with African Commonwealth Countries following a Brexit and the situation of non-EU and EU migrants into the UK. We speak to the experts for more: Vice-president of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation in Europe (NIDOE), Chinedu Madichie and Member of the European Parliament, Jude Kirton-Darling. Also read the blog post here.

April, 2016. The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the European Union and West Africa (ECOWAS). The agreement would liberalise trade between the two regions. However the agreement is at a standstill with The Gambia, Mauritania and Nigeria refusing to sign over concerns of de-industrialisation, loss of tariff revenues, regional disintegration and competition due to increased EU products on the West African market. So we talked to Member of the European Parliament, Jude Kirton-Darling who sits on the International Trade Committee, the Committee responsible for the Parliamentary work on the ECOWAS-EU EPA.


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